Oro Organic Teak Accent Table (Black)


These exciting accent tables are like nothing you have seen before. Their one-of-a-kind shape and color are eye catching and beg for further inspection. Each Oro Side Table is unique. They have been artfully carved from a teak tree trunk and shaped into a very organic and free side table. The teak has been stained with a striking black color, and when you look closely you can still see some of the grain and natural texture of the wood. These tables either come with three or four legs, and are sturdy to function as a side table. Each one will vary slightly in size, shape and hue.

We love the free form of these tables. They are natural and works of art by nature and finished with fine craftsmanship. Place these tables indoors or out, they will add a wonderful flavour to your look. Visit our showroom in Parnell to see these tables in person and pick your favorite one!

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Reclaimed Teak
L59cm x W43cm x H45cm

About Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak is teakwood that has been used previously, but is re-purposed into gorgeous timber with a rustic feel and a lot of character. Often teak is reclaimed from flooring, large structural timbers and commercial buildings, which means that the reclaimed wood is taken from larger format pieces that allow for very nice finished product. Because teak wood that we use in our reclaimed furniture is originally from old growth trees in Central Java, we can be sure that the wood is top quality. Teak wood in general is capable of lasting more than a century. The natural qualities of the wood make it impervious to all of the normal culprits of wood degradation.

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How to Care for your Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Maintenance for reclaimed teak is to clean with simple green marine solution diluted as directed on the product, wash off to leave to air dry. Another method is to use a spray made with a few drops of household bleach in water on damp wood. Leave for 5-10 mins and softly hose off and let to air dry. To remove loose grime on a daily basis, use a soft, dry household brush.

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