Oliver Outdoor Wicker Dining Side Chair (Black)


Asserting a space with contemporary and elegant style, the Oliver Dining Side Chairs are the perfect addition to redefine and energise an outdoor space!

Shown here in black wicker, the Oliver Side Chair is part of a wide collection of mid-century Scandinavian inspired seating. From the dining chairs in black or white to the premium luxury of the relaxing chair, this gorgeous style offers up options when incorporating into your space.

Whether indoors or out, at home or commercial situation, the Oliver Dining Side Chair will create a new type of prestige at the dinner table.

Beautiful lengths of wicker run down a curved, vintage style frame, which having a certain airiness and simplicity about it, allows you to sink into splendid relaxation instantly.

Placing several of these Oliver Side Chairs around a rustic teak table will offer a new spin on the ‘farmhouse’ look, updating and polishing the area and maximising space.

Around a sleek, concrete table, the Oliver Outdoor Side Chairs offer a chic, lightweight feel that contrasts just enough with the heavy-duty look of the concrete.

Incorporate the Relaxing Chair into your setting too and enjoy as you create a space to dine, unwind and relax.

We love the Oliver Wicker Dining Chairs indoors as well as out. Bring modern minimalism into your home with this superb, elegant design that straddles between gorgeous vintage furniture and contemporary designs. Bring into the kitchen or dining room and enjoy the sleek effort of a well designed, comfortable and luxurious chair!

Design Warehouse is the premier leader of outdoor furniture and accessories to transform your space. Get ahead of the curve and order your Oliver Wicker Side Chairs, and be prepared for extraordinary excellence around your dining table.

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Outdoor Wicker, Powder-Coated Aluminium
W54.5cm x D60.3cm x H85.0cm

About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker Outdoor Furniture made from resin wicker is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because it’s more durable, weather resistant and easy to care for than natural wicker and most other outdoor furniture materials. Wicker Outdoor Furniture is strong and rigid, made in ergonomic shapes and styles, comfortable and sturdy. Design Warehouse uses name brand resin wicker fibers from makers like Viro® and Rehau® and Ecolene®, which offer the finest quality wicker.

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About Powder Coated Aluminium Furniture

Powder coated aluminium is our material of choice for our lightest weight outdoor furniture. It is gorgeous! The base aluminium is coated with polyester micro particles in colours that perfectly complement the furniture’s other attributes; the resulting finish keeps the furniture looking like new for many years. Even though Aluminium doesn’t rust like steel can (picture black and orange exposed steel), powder-coating offers the same oxidation protection as on our steel furniture.

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How to Care for your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

We manufacture furniture using the highest quality synthetic outdoor wicker from Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene®. Maintenance on outdoor wicker is minimal. The wonderful characteristics of the wicker fibers used by Design Warehouse are perfect for outdoor exposure and make maintenance easy. Outdoor wicker is resistant to weather, environment, sunscreens, oils, chlorine (from pools) and many other chemicals and environmental factors. While it is very low maintenance, and requires cleaning less often than many other materials, it will occasionally require cleaning. For specific care instructions for Outdoor Wicker, click through the following link.

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How to Care for your Powder-Coated Aluminium Furniture

Powder-Coated Aluminium is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, because of its good looks and durability. Powder coating is durable for outdoor furniture, but it isn’t a hard coating, relatively speaking. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. Specifically, with powder-coating you won’t need abrasives anyway. The finish is smooth and resistant to dirt and debris. For specific care instructions for powder-coated aluminium, click through the following link.

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