LuLu Outdoor Accent Table – 2 (Rect)

$579.00 WHOLESALE PRICE: $399.00

The Lulu Accent Table is a smart, functional, and a stylish outdoor table. It’s modern and chic and can be used with many styles of seating arrangements. Slide it next to your favorite relaxing chair or in front of your sofa for an accessible place to set your book or drink. It has a subtle look and simple design, but it has the potential to make a big impact on your space. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your contemporary outdoor living space.

Dimensions: L55cm x W40cm x H55cm

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Powder-Coated Aluminum
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About Powder Coated Aluminum Furniture

Powder coated aluminum is our material of choice for our lightest weight outdoor furniture. It is gorgeous! The base aluminum is coated with polyester micro particles in colors that perfectly complement the furniture’s other attributes; the resulting finish keeps the furniture looking like new for many years. Even though Aluminum doesn’t rust like steel can (picture black and orange exposed steel), powder-coating offers the same oxidation protection as on our steel furniture.

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How to Care for your Powder-Coated Aluminum Furniture

Powder-Coated Aluminium is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, because of its good looks and durability. Powder coating is durable for outdoor furniture, but it isn’t a hard coating, relatively speaking. DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. Specifically, with powder-coating you won’t need abrasives anyway. The finish is smooth and resistant to dirt and debris. For specific care instructions for powder-coated aluminium, click through the following link.

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