Curve Cafe Dining Chair (White)


Fabulous, flirty and incredibly useful, set your sights on the crisp Curve Cafe Dining Chair, one that offers style and functionality on the regular!

Distinctly modern with a hint of 60s fun, the Curve Chair is a fresh option for seating. The curved arms and sweeping seat angles perfectly for comfort, while the crisp white finishes the look to aplomb!

We adore our polyethylene range of chairs, they are easy and elegant for commercial spaces and home life alike! Whether adorning a massive courtyard or placed around a 6 seater teak table, we know you’ll be thrilled with these lightweight straightforward cafe dining chairs.

Try this white chair around one of our modern Raw Concrete Dining Tables for a little contrasting flourish against the solidity of the grey concrete!

The Curve Cafe Chairs are an easeful choice for many spaces, invite it to yours.

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Our Curve Cafe Plasteak Chairs are ultimate dining chairs for big spaces where you need comfort, precision and style without the expense of some of the higher luxury items.

At a superb price point, these plastic chairs have a unique style which lift a space and give off a more luxurious feel than the plastic stacking chairs of old.

Whether for a large event like a wedding, or a vineyard outdoor dining scenario, the Curve Dining Chairs are perfect as they look stunning, are comfortable for all sizes and they’re easy to care for, wiping down without fuss!

The Curve Dining Chair can also be used as a modern chair for indoors, whether around the kitchen as an easy breakfast setting or in bedrooms as extra seating, there’s tons of options! We have found our customers with big families absolutely love this chair as it is super easy to clean, is reasonably priced and looks fabulous!

We ensure high quality with our furniture and this Curve Cafe Chair is no different!

Made from a specialised material that doesn’t morph in the hot sun, or change colour, you’ll be so pleased with this robust chair that offers something different from what else you will see on the market.

The Cafe Curve Dining Arm Chair is one of many of Design Warehouse’s incredible range of seating that covers every space from commercial bay to Mission Bay, Southern farm life to Northern beaches. We are proud to carry high end products to cater to many different settings.

Pop in and see us to create your ultimate outdoor living space today, and try the Curve Dining Chair…. You will delight in the comfort of this simple piece from us at Design Warehouse.


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