BLOK Concrete Dining Set | Outdoor Table with 4 Chess Stools

Chunky and dramatic; invite modern splendor into your home with the Blok Concrete Dining Set with 4 Chess Stools.

When you hear Concrete Dining Set you might think cold, angular, industrial; with our Blok Concrete Dining Set with 4 Chess Stools the look is both whimsical and modern giving your the best of the rustic material and delightful style of the furniture. The Blok Concrete Dining Set it includes a 1 x 1 metre Blok Concrete Round Table and 4 Chess Stools. The charm of this set make it perfect for an indoor smaller dining area adding a touch of raw character to your interiors, or outside for a charming morning coffee spot.

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Raw Concrete

A Fun Whimsical Concrete Dining Set

Our concrete range of outdoor furniture is actually made from a mixture of fibreglass, resin and – you guessed it – concrete! Resulting in an overall concrete, chunky vibe, but without the weight and hassle of 100% concrete. These pieces are lighter and longer lasting, so while you may experience elemental differences in the furniture such as absorption and hairline cracking, the composite holds all the material together keeping you in good furniture for a long time to come. We love it when our clients mix materials, for instance; put this Blok Table with one of our wicker and aluminium mid-century modern chairs to really push the contemporary vibe.

We also carry all weather wicker, Sunbrella® and Batyline® mesh, all amazing marine grade materials. Or perhaps you wish to explore the beauty of Grade A Teak, investigate the long lasting properties on our product page or call one of our sales staff to find out more.

Design Warehouse is open 7 days a week to the public and trade. Our sales consultants are available to answer calls, email or website requests, or – if you’re in the area – come on in and see us! We are excited to offer you frontline service, assisting our customers to make purchases that suit their space and taste. Perhaps you need a quote? We can provide this at no extra charge!

Our Blok Concrete Dining Set with 4 Chess Stools is just one of our many extraordinary contemporary dining sets, explore the page to see many more options, or order yours now! We can arrange shipping and handling as well, just give us your information and we will find the best carrier to deliver to you in a timely manner! Pieces are sold separately so you can mix in wicker or Grade A Teak chairs with your table, or use the Chess Stool as a fabulous and funky side table.

Place the Blok Concrete Dining Set with 4 Chess Stools in a small garden area for a fabulous, dramatic focal point and place for you to enjoy wining and dining with friends. This incredible suite also makes for a very cool indoor kitchen table and stools! Imagine the contrast with hardwood floors or in a stark white setting… exquisite. The Blok Concrete Dining Set with 4 Chess Stools is unique to Design Warehouse, call us today to order yours!

About Concrete Outdoor Furniture

Concrete outdoor furniture at Design Warehouse is a stunning statement for any outdoor space.
Concrete is a natural product and as such will have fine lines and cracking. This is similar to concrete used internally in building and restaurant floors, outdoor driveways and wall finishes. This is the nature of natural concrete, and in no way does this affect the durability or integrity of the product.

If you do not like the raw, natural appearance of concrete, and how it behaves as a material, then you may consider trying a different outdoor material.
We’ve taken the best aesthetic qualities of concrete and combined it with innovative engineering and materials to create a perfect blend of livable, versatile and stunningly good-looking outdoor furniture. We use a composite blend of resin and concrete to create lighter weight, easier to use concrete furniture. This gives our concrete product offerings unique and beneficial characteristics for your outdoor space.

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Caring for your Concrete Furniture

Design Warehouse offers stunning concrete furniture for outdoor or indoor use. We utilize a weight saving fiberglass and concrete composite mix, which uses a resin matrix to ensure lightweight gorgeous concrete pieces. The natural beauty and organic, raw feel of concrete gives an impression like nothing else. For specific care instructions for Outdoor Concrete from Design Warehouse, click through the following link.

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