Indoor and Sheltered Furniture

Relaxing in your home is just a phone call away with our incredible Indoor and Sheltered Furniture Range.
We may specialise in outdoor furniture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a few beautiful pieces for sheltered areas!

From the classic Hugo Rattan Chair to our new Zen Relaxing Shelter Chair, we know you’ll adore these incredible pieces that richen and define any space they’re placed!

There’s nothing quite like the splendid persona of a rattan wicker chair. Place 3 of our classic Hugo Relaxing Chairs around a low Coffee Table of your choice. You’ll absolutely adore the wooden framework, accentuated by delicate woven rattan and finished off with soft linen like cushions. This is also the perfect piece for a library or study with its classic, refined style making way for a more comfortable way of life.

The Verandah Indoor Chair is the perfect piece for a sun room overlooking your sea view or lush greenery. With elegant curves and a surprisingly ergonomic design, the Verandah Chair is a sophisticated piece that will keep you in classic comfort for years to come.
A slightly more modern take on this chair is our Porch Indoor Arm Chair, which in the same materials as the Verandah, boasts a bucket seat, and can be a fabulous addition to your dining table, as well as another relaxing chair for a nook in your living room!

The range of furniture at Design Warehouse is awe inspiring. From dining to deep seating, relaxing and more, you are spoilt for choice with our outdoor furniture range. Our style and state of the art materials means that a lot of our pieces will suit inside as well as out. Pair up the Zen Relaxing Chair with one of our driftwood style low accent tables for a beautiful blend of materials that will look amazing in your home.