An Understated Luxury: The Backless Bench

  Blur the distinction between form and functionality; the backless bench has been defined as such. Benches have become a common fixture in many homes and a regular rotating piece in many designers’ décor arsenals. Traditionally, benches are most commonly used in gardens, parks and other public spaces but as design trends shift so does... Read More

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Top 3 Aluminium Deep Seating Collections

The ever-changing landscape of design trends can sometimes feel like you’re navigating your way through an unknown place, yet there’s the presence of excitement as you discover and explore what’s new. This is a sentiment we can share in at Design Warehouse. As part of what we do, our mission is to continue to stay... Read More

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5 Classic and Timeless A-Grade Teak Dining Chairs

Choosing your chairs can change the experience of dining outdoors, from the curvature of the seat to the style it emanates. We know it’s essential to create a beautiful and harmonious union between your space and your furniture. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to 5 of our incredible of Grade A... Read More

Five Classic Teak Outdoor Dining Chairs

Kent Street Collection: A Sweet Escape

The best examples of outdoor spaces have some semblance of an indoor room. Assessing a space and deciding what the mood and temperature will be will heavily influence how a space is finished and encourage you to invite guests in to share in the curated atmosphere. The Kent Street Teak Deep Seating Collection is an... Read More

The Elegantly Woven Masello Teak Furniture Collection

Daydreaming about quiet, peaceful and relaxed afternoons, cuddled under a blanket, book in hand and drink within reach all while lounging on the Masello Woven Teak Sectional Sofa. It’s design encourages and embraces a calm feeling. Invest in making this vision a reality! At Design Warehouse we make it as easy as possible for you... Read More

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The Fab Five, Our Most Popular Club Chairs

Club Chairs can make the most out of an outdoor seating area. As a single piece; they are traditional, have a strong presence, and are welcoming. In greater compositions; they offer space for those who need many seats, and create cohesion and community. In this blog we look at five go-to favourite styles of Club... Read More

Five Different Teak Club Chairs

Add Warmth & Ambiance With Fire Pits

A soft glow emanates from a chic, simple structure. Warmth is felt on the bodies while reclining and relaxing on low, cushy chairs. Bask in the glory of a luxury fire pit. When people think fire pits, they don’t necessarily think of charm and sophistication. At Design Warehouse, we are pleased to bring a range... Read More

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To Grey Or Not To Grey?

To grey or not to grey, that is the question! In all seriousness, choosing whether to let your teak age naturally and turn grey or have it finished will have an impact on your space in terms of the look and design. Teak is the most splendid wood, full of character, attractive, strong and is... Read More

Teak Neil Dining Chairs Raw And Patina