Design Warehouse Concrete Round Fire Pit

Add Warmth & Ambiance With Fire Pits

March 14, 2019

A soft glow emanates from a chic, simple structure. Warmth is felt on the bodies while reclining and relaxing on low, cushy chairs. Bask in the glory of a luxury fire pit. When people think fire pits, they don’t necessarily think of charm and sophistication. At Design Warehouse, we are pleased to bring a range... View Article

Teak Neil Dining Chairs Raw And Patina

To Grey Or Not To Grey?

March 6, 2019

To grey or not to grey, that is the question! In all seriousness, choosing whether to let your teak age naturally and turn grey or have it finished will have an impact on your space in terms of the look and design. Teak is the most splendid wood, full of character, attractive, strong and is... View Article

Teak Warehouse Outdoor Accessories and Decor

Add A Personal Touch With Decorative And Functional Outdoor Accessories

February 22, 2019

Accessories aren’t just ornamental; they ensure integrity, unique style and individuality are upheld. They can be the item, the finishing touch, that determines your space into one of supreme design. We know it’s imperative to put the personal touch on your home, in every space, there is a placement of planters, art, foliage and texture... View Article