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A Modern Accent : Sammy and Yuma Side Tables

We’re entering the warmer months, and the desire to kick back outside has well and truly started. The old adage says “Spring breathes new life into the world around us”… so it is time to get your space in tune with your mood: one of hope, warmth, luxury and comfort. It’s proven that organising and... Read More

New Collection: Lola Rope Outdoor Collection

Along with spring, there comes a ubiquitous adage that the season feels synonymous with. Emerging from the dark, cold months of winter to a brighter, slightly warmer season that inevitably encourages us to make way for the new season and deciding how you want your space to carry you into the New Year. If upgrading... Read More

love seat and chair together

A Personal Set: Club Chair + Ottoman

In the lexicon of leisure there’s nothing that feels more indulgent than the freedom to go outside and escape to a place that fully speaks to you. With a proclivity towards the outdoors and enjoying the solitary aspects that time outside can offer you, which can serve to be incredibly restorative while connecting you to... Read More

An Understated Luxury: The Backless Bench

Blur the distinction between form and functionality; the backless bench has been defined as such. Benches have become a common fixture in many homes and a regular rotating piece in many designers’ décor arsenals. Traditionally, benches are most commonly used in gardens, parks and other public spaces but as design trends shift so does the... Read More

backless bench