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Studio Vertical Weave Sofa And Club Chair

Embracing Studio Style

January 25, 2019

It’s timely that our newest collection reflects the principles of many. Introducing the Studio Collection. Refined, poised and contemporary – this range of furniture allows spaces to be transformed with stylish ease. We know that everyone has different needs, so it is our goal when putting together our catalogue of fabulous outdoor furniture that it... View Article

Patio Sunbrella® Umbrellas

Complete Your Outdoor Space With Luxury Sunbrella® Umbrellas

January 18, 2019

Let’s allow ourselves to experience premium luxury with the range of incredible shading options from Design Warehouse. The quintessential summer item, the classic umbrella means the sun is out, and you need protection from the harsh rays. New Zealand’s sun beats down and can burn even in winter time – so you need to make... View Article

Kobii Outdoor Furniture Collection

High-end Resort or High Class Home

January 14, 2019

We all can close our eyes and be reminded of those places where you automatically sense an element of prestige, luxury and class. They have beautiful, impeccable taste, a view or environment that is memorable, and furniture that is comfortable, stylish and tremendously cutting edge. When selecting outdoor furniture for your high end resort or... View Article