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The Masello Teak Furniture Collectin Outside

The Elegantly Woven Masello Teak Furniture Collection

May 23, 2019

Daydreaming about quiet, peaceful and relaxed afternoons, cuddled under a blanket, book in hand and drink within reach all while lounging on the Masello Woven Teak Sectional Sofa. It’s design encourages and embraces a calm feeling. Invest in making this vision a reality! At Design Warehouse we make it as easy as possible for you... View Article

Five Different Teak Club Chairs

The Fab Five, Our Most Popular Club Chairs

March 26, 2019

Club Chairs can make the most out of an outdoor seating area. As a single piece; they are traditional, have a strong presence, and are welcoming. In greater compositions; they offer space for those who need many seats, and create cohesion and community. In this blog we look at five go-to favourite styles of Club... View Article

Design Warehouse Concrete Round Fire Pit

Add Warmth & Ambiance With Fire Pits

March 14, 2019

A soft glow emanates from a chic, simple structure. Warmth is felt on the bodies while reclining and relaxing on low, cushy chairs. Bask in the glory of a luxury fire pit. When people think fire pits, they don’t necessarily think of charm and sophistication. At Design Warehouse, we are pleased to bring a range... View Article