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A peaceful village nestled in Lombardy is the home of one of world’s best-upholstered furniture suppliers. A secret place where tradition meets cutting edge technology. Our journey starts on the beautiful winding road that could be a leg in a world rally championship: breathtaking views on the valleys and lakes. We stop on the way for an exquisite “Ristretto” that is alone worth the trip. A few bends later is our destination: the discrete “Officine” is where the magic takes place. We are greeted by two generations of this family-owned and operated company that has won many prizes over the years.

The quality of the raw materials is flabbergasting. They source the best leather, similar, if not better than Italian supercars and luxury purses. The feathers and down are certified “gold standard” and come from a sustainable farm, the upholstery is the finest available in Europe. Those raw material would remain like an unpolished diamond without the craftsmanship of the workers: they are the true artists mastering a piece of work on a daily basis. In contrast, the technology and level of automation present is surprising: laser cutting, computer-assisted creation, virtual reality is used side by side to pencils, needles and scissors. The level of passion and skills in making furniture does not get any better.


Design Warehouse has been a manufacturer of Outdoor Furniture in New Zealand since the mid-1990s. Our beautiful furniture can be seen around New Zealand and the Pacific Region on decks, patios, movies, and television, in five-star resorts and in parks and retail spaces. We’ve built an impressive list of clientele over the years because we don’t compromise on our quality, yet still deliver high-end products for incredible value.

We showcase incredible luxury furniture at manufacturer prices in our designer furniture store in Auckland, New Zealand. Commercial and International clients – as well as the public – can shop for furniture with Design Warehouse and have confidence that they are receiving the best quality and value.
We deliver our furniture directly to customers without using a middleman; this allows us to keep our prices at a place that reflects our cost savings.

With our 80,000 sq. ft. (7,432 sq. metres) furniture warehouse and showroom in Parnell, Auckland, we are considered a major wholesale furniture supplier to the New Zealand and Pacific designer furniture market. We have clientele in all parts of New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Region, from landscapers and designers to hotels and resorts, to architects and substantial residential buyers.