Meet our Luxurious Leather Furniture

May 20, 2022

Meet our Luxurious Leather Furniture

Modern, contemporary, or traditional—no matter your home’s current style, premium leather furniture can add a timeless, comforting, and luxurious twist to your decor. From smooth caramel to the chicest black, leather pieces are available in warm, organic shades that add both beauty and depth to any space.

But that does not mean you have to fill a room with leather furnishings. All you need is a statement sofa or perhaps a chair or two in leather to warm up a room no matter its colour palette. Even better, making a piece of leather furniture match the rest of your decor is as easy as adding a few decorative accessories such as accent pillows or a sumptuous throw.
At Design Warehouse we love the look and feel of premium leather furniture, which is still popular and highly desired after all these years. Even though we use a wide range of fabrics and synthetic materials for our outdoor furniture, leather remains a top choice as a furniture material for handmade indoor pieces that will age effortlessly, and beautifully.

Bellagio swivel armchair perseide olive green - front view

Because of its unique natural fibres and qualities, as leather furniture ages, it gets softer and more supple. So instead of looking worn out, it tends to look even more inviting. And unlike many synthetic imitations, leather breathes. That means it dissipates heat and cold quickly, so no matter the weather, it is quickly comfortable for sitting in style.
It has been said that a premium leather sofa can last up to four times longer than a fabric covered couch as leather is tough but flexible, meaning it naturally resists punctures and tears. And because of its natural properties, it remains strong even around seams. It is also splendidly resistant to spills and dirt, and most of the time leather furniture can be cleaned merely by wiping it with a damp cloth. For all of these reasons and so many more, we have crafted a beautiful collection of leather-covered furniture, designed and handmade in Northern Italy to be loved for a lifetime.

From the house of Design Italia and as sensuous and seductive as it gets, the Bellagio Relaxing Swivel Chair in Kalahary Leather, our luxurious leather furniture is the epitome of curved elegance and unabashed comfort. It represents the point where luxury and comfort meet aesthetics in one gorgeous piece, and it comes with the added benefit of being really quite perfect for any space. With its curved design features, sleek leather finish and black swivel base, it is designed to make a seductive statement in any room. As comfortable as it is beautiful, it is the perfect chair for you to relax in style – whether alone or entertaining a friend.

Part of the Aspettami collection and a true statement piece wherever it’s placed, the Aspettami Sectional Sofa is an effortless blend of supreme comfort and style. Made from the finest Kalahary leather and with classic squared corners and subtle wooden feet, our luxurious leather furniture and its silhouette will slip seamlessly into any home or workplace. With so much room to move, the Aspettami Sectional Sofa is comprised of a left and right arm, centre piece, pouf and cushion. The padded seat cushions and backrest promise comfort as soon as you sit down, and the elegant piece is available in a gorgeous selection of colours – black, oak, fog grey or white leather – to complement any colour palette. With classic lines and promised comfort, this gorgeous sofa’s name translated into English means ‘wait for me’ or ‘meet me’ – and it certainly welcomes all who come into its orbit.

Luxurious leather furniture

Luxurious leather furniture

Also luxuriously welcoming thanks to its Kalahary Leather skin, the Amalfi Relaxing Chair stamps its mark on any room. The gorgeous leather and winged aesthetic make this the ideal chair for settling back into, well supported by the curved backrest. Set on a stylish black, brushed metal swivel, this Italian made chair is perfect for relaxing with a book, a quiet conversation, or a glass of Sangiovese. In contrast, the Modena Contemporary Armchair has a more minimalist and almost masculine feel, its stunning combination of luxury Kalahary black leather and curved, brushed metal legs making it the epitome of modern chic. The simplicity of squared corners and seating that you’ll want to sink into make the Modena a wonderful choice for everywhere from a formal lounge to an elevated home office, its versatility key to its charms.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the space you are shopping for is, Design Warehouse will have you covered. Whether you’re after something small and chic, or large and dramatic, we have a selection of Italian designed and handmade leather furniture styles in a sophisticated and always sturdy package.

If you’re near our showroom, we’d love to host you for a tour of what’s on offer. Our pieces come fully assembled and can be picked up, ready to go from our distribution centre. Alternatively, we can ship your new pieces to anywhere, you might be using our astute delivery service.

Design Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying luxury leather furniture to architects, designers, landscapers, hotels, resorts and private residences for over 25 years, so when we say we know what’s best for outdoor style… you can rest assured that we have the knowledge to back it up.

Luxurious leather furniture from Design Warehouse

Thinking about adding leather furniture to your oasis? , we can help. If you have more questions about any of the above, don’t hesitate to call us or drop into our Parnell outdoor furniture showroom today. Our pieces come fully assembled and can be picked up, ready to go from our distribution centre. Alternatively, we can ship your new pieces to anywhere, using our astute delivery service. For more information please call our dedicated team of professionals – we’d love to help, or for more inspiration see our Instagram feed

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