Have You Ever Tried to Relax in an Outdoor Teak Adirondack Chair?

April 15, 2020

Timeless and classic in design, adirondack chairs, otherwise known as Cape Cod chairs, have remained a firm favourite when it comes to choosing a practical yet comfortable piece of outdoor furniture for porches, lawns and patios all around the world. First created in the early 1900s, the adirondack chair has adapted and evolved with the times, but the enduring sophistication has remained the same.


Teak Adirondack Chair Set-1597Who doesn’t have fond memories ignited in their mind when they see an adirondack chair? Adirondack chairs are reminiscent of lazy summer days at the bach, sundrenched patios and afternoon backyard G&Ts. They are the perfect addition to any backyard, balcony or pool surround, and the classic design means they fit in just about any setting – from the beach house to the rural villa veranda to the modern city dwelling patio.


The popularity of the adirondack chair isn’t just down to its visual appeal. It’s also practical in design, made with comfort and versatility in mind. With wide, flat arms, angled back and close proximity to the ground, it’s perfectly designed for reclining in the sunshine with a drink resting on the arm, reading a book or dozing after a dip in the pool. Even evenings under the stars are even more appealing when you cosy up under a blanket on an adirondack chair, fireside while sipping on a herbal tea, or by the ocean listening to the waves crash.


Adirondack chairs might appear simplistic in design, but this allows you to get creative in adding cushions or throws, or in pairing with other outdoor furniture. While other outdoor furniture trends may come and go, you can trust that your adirondack chair will remain a timeless investment piece that will continue to complement any outdoor setting.

Adirondack Chairs By The Lake

Choose teak for your adirondack chair

A-grade teak is the best choice you can make when purchasing an adirondack chair. Teak is inherently able to repel water and rot due to the high content of oil and rubber compounds within the wood. This means it’s able to maintain its durability and its appearance, no matter what the outdoor elements throw at it. Teak is perfect for areas that are hot or wet, and you’ll often even find teak adirondack chairs on the verandas or patios of ski chalets or mountain resort towns as it is able to withstand these harsh conditions with great resistance to damage or decay.


The even grain and colour of teak also keep your adirondack chair looking beautiful and stylish for many years to come. The high quality teak used by Design Warehouse is sustainably sourced from Indonesia. You’ll see that this wood has a characteristic golden, honey-hued colour and a tight, uniform grain structure.


A-grade teak adirondack chairs also require minimal maintenance. It’s not uncommon to see adirondack chairs passed on through generations, where many more years of joy and memories are associated with these classic chairs.

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